Xd Wide Band Gap Semiconductor teachers Team was selected as the second batch of "National University Huang Danian Teachers Team"

Xidian University Wide gap semiconductor teacher team is led by Professor Hao Yue, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, microelectronics scientist and national teaching model,More than 30 teachers, including Cheung Kong Scholars and winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund,It is one of the earliest defense science and technology innovation teams in China,The first batch of national IC talent training base, the first batch of national demonstration microelectronics school teachers team。

Serve the country wholeheartedly and pursue the dream "China Core"

Chip is the "food" of information society and the strategic focus of great power game。Facing the grim situation of our country in the chip field, the team set up a voluntary at the beginning of its founding, must get China core to get up。Hao Yue, the leader of the team, had a keen insight into the frontier technology of microelectronics, and decided to take gallium nitride and silicon carbide, which were just started in the world, as the research direction。At that time, there was no financial support, no experimental conditions and no precedent to follow. With the firm belief of dedication to the country, the team members worked hard and started their own business. They drilled holes, took water and electricity, connected pipelines and built ultra-clean rooms by themselves。The research results of the team greatly improved the high voltage, high frequency and high power performance of electronic devices in the field of gallium nitride and silicon carbide。According to the Johnson Optimal Value Index (JFOM), which reflects the characteristics of high frequency microwave, gallium nitride is more than 20 times higher than the traditional silicon semiconductor。From the reflection of high voltage and high power characteristics of the Baly optimization value index (BFOM),氮化镓更是高出800多倍!经过郝跃团队20多年“咬定青山不放松”的持续突破,These new semiconductor technologies with excellent performance,It is now firmly in the hands of the Chinese themselves,And has begun to be widely used in major national science and technology projects and major national defense equipment fields,Led China's third generation semiconductor field strong outbreak,For the world microelectronics discipline and microelectronics industry opened up a new road。The spring breeze and the rain, the heart of the peach and plum

十万人,是我国集成电路产业年均人才需求数;三万人,是进入该产业相关专业毕业生年均人数。In the face of talent shortage, the team has been working hard for a long time in the front line of talent training。After years of practice,The "Training Mode of innovative Talents for National Urgent Need of Trinity Integrated Circuit" formed by the team,获国家教学成果奖一等奖;建设近30门微电子专业主干课程、编写教材20余部,年覆盖学生近千人;《新萄京正规网站》入选省级一流课程,《新萄京正规网站》入选国家重点出版物出版规划项目;指导学生参加中国“互联网+”大学生创新创业大赛、全国大学生电子设计竞赛等,He has won more than 50 national and provincial awards。The team continues to strengthen the guidance of Party building,Form the "red Chaoyang class" education brand,Build "good ethics, good teacher - teacher relationship, good training model,有先进文化、有出色管理、有突出业绩”三好三有导学团队;总结凝练科研人员攻关突破的生动案例,Form the ideological and political material library of integrated circuit course,There are three ideological and political demonstration courses,Cultivate a large number of dedicated backbone talents。 

"From 0 to 1", brave to do the pioneer show responsibility

Facing the major strategic needs of the country, the team is a pioneer and a sharp knife of innovation。Hao Yue led the implementation of the "Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Promotion Plan", led the formulation of a series of national standards and specifications in the field of third-generation semiconductor electronic devices, and systematically innovated and optimized the layout of the third-generation semiconductor industry chain。The efficiency of gallium nitride microwave power devices developed by Ma Xiaohua has continuously broken his own world record of high energy efficiency,为我国下一代绿色低碳5G通信基站提供技术保障;张进成主持的基于极化诱导能带工程的氮化镓基电子器件新结构、新工艺和可靠性研究,Continue to promote China in the third generation of semiconductor electronic devices and chips to maintain international leadership。团队承担国家科技重大专项、国家重点研发计划、自然科学基金重点项目30余项;近五年,获得国家科技进步奖一等奖1项、国家技术发明奖二等奖1项,实现我国氮化镓领域核心技术的自主可控。

Production and education integration, "core core fire" can start a prairie fire

团队在氮化镓领域专利申请量全球第一,应用于新型相控阵雷达、北斗导航、5G移动通信等国家重大工程;深紫外LED等一批科技成果转化直接经济效益7000余万元、间接经济效益数十亿元。Use team members as the main support,Xd has been approved as the only national engineering research center in the field of third-generation semiconductor and the national integrated innovation platform for integrated circuit industry and education,已成为科研引领产业的典型示范;团队与中国电子科技集团、航天科技集团等信息技术领域国家队保持紧密合作,It provides important technical support for Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises。Build Shaanxi Semiconductor Pilot Technology Center with team members as the leader,成为陕西省半导体产业创新技术和工艺的重要策源地;建设西电芜湖研究院、西电广州第三代半导体创新中心;助力中芯国际(绍兴)投资160亿元发展6英寸化合物器件晶圆生产线,To serve national industrial and regional development strategies。The team's deeds were reported by CCTV, Xinhuanet.com, China Youth Daily, China Science Journal and other media。

Geese lead, continue to struggle spectrum Hua Zhang

After years of tempering, the team has formed a good fashion of high political accomplishment, deep feelings of home and country, strict academic attitude and strong spirit of innovation。郝跃捐出陕西省最高科学技术奖200万元奖金设立奖教金;团队成员捐出专利转化收益3000万元投入国家工程中心平台建设;新加坡国立大学博士常晶晶舍弃优厚待遇携妻归国成长为青年高层次人才;行业知名专家弓小武辞掉企业高级职位倾心育才报国;韩根全在“非硅微电子”方向取得突破性进展获批国家杰出青年基金。In recent years, the team has cultivated and elected nearly 10 young and middle-aged teachers to be selected as high-level talents, and has formed a first-class innovation team leading by geese, teaching by words and deeds, and continuing the struggle。


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