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Lecture Presentation

Contemporary Marxism

Source: Institute of Marxism
The reporter Professor Li Gang 时间 19:00 on November 21, 22 and 23
地点 J-504 North Campus, A-105 South Campus Time of report

Lecture Title:Welcome to the 10th public lecture of the course series "Chinese Marxism and Contemporary" -- Contemporary Marxism

Speaker:Professor Li Gang

Time and place of Lecture:

19:00, November 21, J-504, North Campus

19:00, November 22, A-105, South Campus

Online at 19:00 on November 23


About the speaker:

李刚,Dean, Professor, doctoral supervisor, School of Marxism, Xidian University,Shaanxi Province "six batch" talent,“三秦人才”津贴享受者;西北大学历史学博士,Postdoctoral fellow in philosophy, Shandong University,美国华盛顿大学访问学者;兼任国际儒学联合会理事、中国政治学会理事、陕西省政治学会会长等;从事马克思主义理论研究。


Lecture Content:

This topic is based on the perspective of Marxism and contemporary issues,The clue, trend, pattern and change of the development of Marxism abroad,In particular, it explores and appraises the factions, trends of thought, representative figures and main ideas formed by contemporary Marxism in answering the questions of The Times,To further reveal the power of truth contained in contemporary Chinese Marxism and Marxism in the 21st century,Why does Marxism work, why is socialism with Chinese characteristics good, and why is the Communist Party of China capable。


Organizer:School of Marxism



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