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The practical logic of "Chinese Modernization" and its value target

Source: Institute of Marxism
The reporter Professor Yuan Zushe 时间 11月22日9:30
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Lecture Title:The practical logic of "Chinese Modernization" and its value target

Speaker:Professor Yuan Zushe

Lecture Time:11月22日9:30


Online: Tencent Conference Live (ID: 600 764 782)

Offline: South Campus B112

About the speaker:

Yuan Zushe, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Philosophy, Shaanxi Normal University, is a national talent。His main research fields include: Basic Theory of Marxism, foreign Marxism, Marxist value philosophy, humanities, modern public philosophy and institutional ethics。He has published more than 90 professional academic papers,发表于国内核心及以上权威学术期刊《新萄京正规网站》(中、英文版各一篇)、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》、《新萄京正规网站》等刊物,More than 10 articles have been reprinted by Xinhua Digest, Chinese Social Science Digest and College Journal of Liberal Arts Digest,More than 30 articles have been reprinted by the Books and Periodicals Information Center of Renmin University of China in Philosophical Principles, Studies on Marxism and Leninism, Ethics, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Pedagogy, Emerging Disciplines, etc。

Lecture Content:

This report is based on the spirit of the Party's 20, around the practice of Chinese modernization logic and its value goal to explain。


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